Medicare Advantage Plans and its downsides

Medicare Advantage plans sound appealing as they also provide premiums for $0. However, the point is that most expenses will feature spending from your pocket when you fall sick. If you are healthy, the Zero premium is the best.


Medicare Advantage Plans are referred to as Part C that the private insurers provide. This is one of the best supplements to the Traditional Medicare. However, the amount they pay differs based on the overall health.


Coverage Choices on being eligible for Medicare

Choosing medical coverage for 65 years old and over means there are 3 choices:

  • Traditional Medicare with deductibles and co-pays
  • Traditional Medicare in association with Medigap such that it covers the deductibles and co-pays of the Medicare.
  • Medicare Advantage varies based on the chosen policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

medicare advantage 2019The comprehensive coverage is the one that asks for expenses in the fewest to be spent as out of pocket and that relates to Traditional Medicare plan having in association the Medigap. Though there may be variation in Medigap policies, but its comprehensive coverage is available through Type F Medigap. To find quotes for Medicare Advantage 2019 visit

The Type F covers all deductibles and co-pays and you also get coverage as you travel away from the country. In fact, you can visit doctors accepting Medicare. However, be aware that the Traditional Medigap and Medicare also require prescription drug Part D coverage.


The Pitfall Details

Medicare Advantage plans need an individual to attend only the doctors and health providers that are mentioned in the network plan. The Medicare Advantage Plans cannot pick their customers and so must accept all the enrollees Medicare eligible and they do not encourage sick people as they structure the deductibles and co-pays.


Here is an example of the co-pays types and details of the in-network services of Medicare Advantage plan:


  • Ambulance – $300
  • Lab Services – up to $100 co-pay
  • Diabetes supplies – up to 20% co-pay
  • Hospital stay – $175 per day for first 10 days
  • Renal dialysis – 20% of the cost
  • Outpatient x-rays – up to $100 co-pay
  • Diagnostic radiology – up to $125 co-pay
  • Therapeutic radiology – $35 or co-pay up to 20% as per the service


The co-pays list is relating to the costs from the pocket and this builds up easily if you fall sick. The $0 premium of the Medicare Advantage plans is tempting, but the expenses to be paid from your pocket are also not less surprising, on falling sick.