Easy to Follow Camping Tips for Elderly and Baby Boomers

An increasing number of seniors are searching for economical ways for camping these days. After all, these are among the precious years of your life & there’s no better way of traveling then have a go at camping. Below are our top 5 tips for helping you get started in camping:  To start with, you want to research the areas which you find interesting to visit. For this, we highly suggest you check out 2 sites. The first one is Reserve America and the second is I the National Park Service. Both these sites are unique in terms of offering info about campsite maps, camping gear suggestions and camping by state.

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Next, you want to decide what you would camp in. Obviously, having an RV is the best way to travel. However, this is one of those things which you can consider later when planning on camping a lot more frequently. You can start your camping journey in a well-made tent at a reasonable price nevertheless. Tents are available in all shapes and sizes. Hence, you can easily find the one which fulfills your needs. You could find them both online and offline in a sporting goods store which sells tents. This way, you will be able to get a better idea of an appropriate size for you. Also, you don’t need to sleep on the ground as long as an aero bed along with a tent that’s big enough to fit you nicely is with you.

The next thing which comes when preparing for camping is the camping equipment. These include everything from coolers, a sleeping bag, a camp stove, and cookware. The good news is, you might already have most of this stuff available with you already. Nonetheless, among the most important equipment would definitely be a camp stove where you’ll cook your food. For this, car camping stoves may work very well for cooking extraordinary dishes just like home. For camping supplies, you could even use the pans and pots present already in your house.  Find a plan at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

Next, consider planning your meals well beforehand. If you prepare them at your house, it will help you save a lot of time as well as money. Take a look at your refrigerator & cupboards for smaller stuff like coffee, mayo, mustard, seasonings, ketchup, etc. Obviously, purchase items missing from your checklist before you leave but consider vendors in your locality for fresh veggies and fruits instead of other discount stores. You could even ask them if they’ve any offers for senior as well. The final tip is to check for National Park Pass for senior citizens. They might cost you around ten bucks. Individuals who are above the age of 62 can get these passes at most national parks.